Query and context based visualization of time-spatial cultural dynamics

Preliminary Program

Wednesday April 2

09.45 Lecture with Birte Christensen Dalsgaard, State and University Library, Århus, Denmark,
"Archives and Libraries - the same in the digital age?"
10.30Coffee break including brief presentation of HUMlab
11.00 Lecture with Jordi Marti Henneberg, Universidad Lérida, Spain
"A Geographical Information System for the History of European Integration (1825-2005)"
11.45Lecture with Johan Eklund, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Borås, Sweden.
"Semantic maps"
14.00 Workshop (including coffee)
15.45 Workshop discussion
16.00 Lecture with Stefan Gradmann, University of Hamburg, Germany
"Diversity vs Interoperability - how real is this contradiction?"
18.00 Reception at the BildMuseet
19.00 Dinner at Sävargården

Thursday April 3

08.45Lecture with Mats Dahlström, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Borås, Sweden,
"Deep access to digitised cultural heritage material"
09.30 Cutting edge digital cultural heritage showcase (including coffee)
10.15Lecture with Tara McPherson,University of Southern California, USA
"Dynamic Vernaculars: Emergent Digital Forms in Contemporary Scholarship"
Open discussion and concluding remarks
13.15-15.00Open seminar with Sven Strömqvist, Centre for Languages and literature, Lund University, Sweden
"Educating the Humanities for e-science: from cultural heritage to humanities laboratories"

Symposium chair: Patrik Svensson, Director of HUMlab


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Venue/Getting there/Accomodation


The QVIZ-project is co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6.